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Week 70 Game
treasure map
writinggame wrote in writing_game
Treasure Map board and prompts are made by lilian_cho. This week's A-Z prompts feature several cities and countries. The picture square prompts come from Billy Collins' poems.

Post Secret is playable =)

Disclaimer: This is a manipulated image. The base image is taken from a Pirates boardgame. Not mine, etc. etc.

The goal of Writing Game is not to make multiple rounds around the board, but to accumulate as many points as possible.

You may switch fandoms/worlds whenever you first pass 20 points, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, then free for all.
e.g. Total points: 19. Complete a +3 prompt.
This brings you to 22 points. At this point you may switch fandoms/worlds.

You may go clockwise or counterclockwise on this board, but don't change directions midway.
Exceptions: 1) You are going backwards because you skip a prompt.
2) You are at a Player’s Choice Square.

ETA 08/23/10: Prompts A-Z sometimes include two prompts you can choose from. You may write for both prompts, but you only get points for one instead of both.
e.g. Character: Beautiful +1, Prompt: Blink +2

You can write about a beautiful character who blinks, but you can either:
a) earn 1 point and move forward 1 square, OR
b) earn 2 points and move forward 2 squares.

Player's Choice rule: You have to follow the prompt categories (Noun, Verb or Adjective/Adverb). If you use a prompt outside its category, you will lose 1 point.

All the general rules can be found in the profile. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Home Did you watch Inception? If yes, start at A, E, I, O or U square. If not, start at C, G, L, R or X square.
A Action: Admire +2, Character: Admirable +1
B Character: Beautiful +1, Prompt: Blink +2
C Prompt: Conquest +3
Gypsy CardYou have coins to spend and visited a fortuneteller.
She told you to pick two cards. You picked ___ and ___. (Use Picture tables).
D Prompt: Destructive +1, Character: Demi-god +2
CompassYou just saved a Mage from drowning.
Out of gratefulness, the Mage called the ___ Wind to help you. (Use Player’s Choice tables).
E Prompt: Envy +2
F Prompt: Figure skating +2, Character: Figure skater +3
G Action: Grow up +1, Prompt: Germany +2
H Prompt: Hurricane +2
Skull and swordsYour main character caught the plague and died. Roll the dice to go to your next square (Count forward from this space). For the next three drabbles, write about a minor character instead.
I Prompt: Invade +2, Identify +3
J Prompt: Justify +1
K Prompt: Kisses +1, Korea +2
Triangle Menace A huge storm hits! Lighten your load or your ship will sink. Rewrite your last drabble, taking out 25 words. Give yourself the same points as the drabble you're rewriting.
If this is not your first time braving the Triangle, you may rewrite any of your previous drabbles written for this game, taking out 25 words.
L Prompt: Legal +2
M Character: Miserable +1
N Prompt: Normal +2
O Prompt: Over the counter +1, Olympics +2
P Prompt: Perception +2, Pakistan +3
Q Prompt: Quandary +3
R Action: Resolve +2, Prompt: Real +1
S Prompt: Shanghai +2, Character: Shamed +3
T Prompt: Taint +1, Tint +2
U Prompt: Under control +1
Triangle Menace A huge storm hits! Lighten your load or your ship will sink. Rewrite your last drabble, taking out 25 words. Give yourself the same points as the drabble you're rewriting.
If this is not your first time braving the Triangle, you may rewrite any of your previous drabbles written for this game, taking out 25 words.
V Prompt: Vindicate +2
W Prompt: White +1, World Cup +2
X Prompt: eXpected +2
Y Action: Yammer +2, Prompt: Yamcake +3
Z Prompt: aZure +2, Zimbambwe +3

Compass: You just saved a Mage from drowning. Out of gratefulness, the Mage called the ___ Wind to help you.
(Use Player’s Choice tables below).

Player's choice Box A North/Up
Noun Verb Adj/Adv
situation +1 prattle +3 colorful +2
liver +1 record +2 fiery +3
snake +1 bother +3 ill-intentioned +2
ruler +1 rail +3 meaty +2

Player's choice Box B East/Right
Noun Verb Adj/Adv
community +2 allow +3 valuable +1
boss +1 own +2 first-rate +3
fury +2 grovel +3 fragile +1
tutor +3 pawn +2 novel +1

Player's choice Box C South/Down
Noun Verb Adj/Adv
chips +1 read +2 bird +1, bird-like +3
pot +1 deep +3 creepy +2
chest +2 bid +3 angelic +1
cavity +3 grant +1 long-legged +2

Player's choice Box D West/Left
Noun Verb Adj/Adv
butterfly +3 make up +2 smelly +1
alcohol +1 auction +3 thin +2
dungeon +1 save +3 humane +2
period +3 free +1 seedy +2

Gypsy Card: You have coins to spend and visited a fortuneteller. She told you to pick two cards. You picked ___ and ___.
(Use Picture tables below).
You may use up to two of them, as long as they’re touching each other (either top to bottom or side to side). You may include the lines themselves in your response.

Gypsy Cards +2 each from Billy Collins' poems
1. kissed the names of the nine Muses goodbye 2. perfectly motionless, perfectly behaved 3. holding one with fingers still wet from a swim
4. stand-offish, professorial in the worst sense of the word 5. everything was hand-lettered then, not like today 6. not poised on the tip of your tongue
7. striding around like a vivid god, your shoulders in the clouds 8. indicators of progress, signs of industry and thought 9. but what about this wallpaper?
10. surprise each other with alphabets made of twigs 11. whose name begins with an "L" as far as you can recall 12. staring straight ahead with your little plastic face
13. Europe trembled while we sat still for our portraits 14. maybe that was just me, maybe that was just the way I read it 15. a dance we cannot imagine, a dance whose name we can only guess

1, 6, 11: "Forgetfulness"
2, 7, 12: "Some Days"
3 & 8: "The Best Cigarette"
4, 9, 14: "Workshop"
5, 10, 13, 15: "Nostalgia"

The above poems (except for "Some Days") are part of The Best Cigarette collection and can be downloaded here at Archive.org, poem by poem or in one zip file.

I am back!
At least until I find something to do at work. Oh the joy of interning in the dead days of august ...

Yay hurrah! =D

LOL your icon X-D

And this my darling, is bad. My wirting mojo is on holidays.

Home : Not seen Inception. Letter L.
Fandom : Doctor Who
Prompt : Legal

Words : 103
Points so far : 0

“What do you mean he is in jail?”
Rory had a hard time grasping why the Doctor had been taken away by some mean looking goons that seemed to be part of the local milicia. Fresh out of the TARDIS, they had separated in the local market and were suppose to meet in 30mins at a local tavern. That was before Amy and him saw the Doctor been taken away. Now in the police station, they were trying to get an answer. At the end of the day, it was figured that one had to be married to be seen with a woman.

Fandom : Doctor Who
Prompt : Normal

Words : 150
Points so far : 2

A lot of running was involved, once Amy managed to charm the Doctor out of jail. Once safely tucked back into the TARDIS, Amy asked for tea and then turned to look at the Doctor.
“Nothing can be normal with you can it? Out for a stroll in the market and mister has to be arrested. Do you even bother to look up the tradition of those planets we go to? Or do you just pop in and out of jails? Can’t we just for once, go to someplace safe and calm?” she looked at him directly and threw in a “Urg!” for good mesure.
“Why do you want safe and calm? Safe and calm, it’s like … vanilla sex. It’s booooring. Now jails, that’s not boring, plenty of interesting chaps there.” He stopped when he realised he was alone on deck. “Well, humans!” he exhaled, like it explained it all.

Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Prompt: X - eXpected (+2)
Total Points: 2
Words: 167

Mai was astonished by Ty Lee oblivious behavior. The acrobat looked lost on why and how she ended up behind bars. She acted as she never committed a crime at all.

But the two of them committed one of the worse crimes known to man – betrayal. Mai shook her head in disbelief her friend Ty Lee. Despite the acrobat having a stronger bond with Princess Azula than her; what exactly did she expect Azula to do? Especially being so humiliated from the ordeal?

Imprisonment felt like a blessing compare to the other forms of punishment Mai imaged the Fire Nation Princess would bestowed upon the two traitors.

With another look at her good friend, it felt as she was watching a rerun of the events of Ty Lee going to the circus. Mai sighed as she thought to herself. Typical Ty Lee her strive for attention clouds her sense of reasoning. She is unable to comprehend the full consequences of her actions until the deed was done.

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Just a reminder to include your fandom in the subject line. Thanks!

Prompt : Over the counter +1, Olympics +2

Words : 108
Points so far: 4

It was 2012 and Rose was having an headache. Between the Doctor and his decision to explain everything (as usual, but worse), and Jack's decision to have an Olympic of his own (completed with the smile and the wink that was leaving no way as to imagine which kind of olympics), she really was starting to feel like she had a huge massive cantaloupe instead of a stupid ape brain.
This is why she was waiting at the pharmacy, for the lady to carry out her demand. 5 packs of ibuprofene and 5 of paracetamol. Enough to last until their next stop on Earth.

Or so she hoped.

I've watched Inception.

Action: Admire +2, 100 words

Using this as a base drabble for mukashi2's Multi-fandom/original drabble tree. Also answers merlin_flashfic's Fairy Tale challenge.

“But why did she do that?” Gwen's brown eyes looked wounded.

Her father hid a wince. Hans Christian Andersen was perhaps not the best bedtime story. But Gwen had loved the beautifully illustrated pages: the mother and her flower daughter, the fierce mermaid sisters with their shorn hair, the little dancer looking back at her soldier.

“Her grandmother was the only one who’d ever loved her,” Tom said. He had skipped over the part where the little match-seller’s father was abusive.

Gwen mulled this over, then said solemnly, “I won’t ask mum to take me with her. I have you.”

Re: Home, A +2, Merlin

X-posted @ my LJ and here @ merlin_flashfic.

Home to R, White Collar, 2

(I'm back for real! These prompts are fantastic and I am stoked about them. \o/)

Alas, I haven't seen Inception yet.

Fandom: White Collar
Prompt: Resolve +2
Word Count: 100
Total Points: 2
A/N: Takes place between sections 4 and 5 of my AU Self-Portrait, In Skin, in which Neal is an FTM transsexual.

Confidence Man

He remembers getting his wisdom teeth out years ago, how dazed he was afterward. He hated it then, hates the memory now. It makes him good at what he does, his need to be in control, but it means he hates anesthesia.

Neal knows he can convince anyone of anything, though. So he'll pretend, and let himself be convinced.

"I'm fine," he says. "It's just going to sleep, right? Nothing to it." He's grinning now, and when he sees Dr. Hazen approaching, his grin widens. He can do this. He'll wake up soon enough, and he'll be better than fine.

Re: Home to R, White Collar, 2

Yay! =D

Dude, I just read your fic <3
I love the clever LeAnn --> Neal =D
And IDK who Roberts is because I've only watched 4 eps of White Collar.

Also, hee on striking up conversations at art galleries.

+3; Gypsy Card; Doctor Who

Prompts : 2. perfectly motionless, perfectly behaved & 3. holding one with fingers still wet from a swim

Words: 119
Points so far : 7

He doesn't ask much from them, but however small the demand, they always managed to mess up. Five minutes ago, he told them to stay put. And where are they when he comes back? Gone. Can't stay perfectly still, bloody humans. They sure should be able to, unaware that they are of the spinning of the stars. But no, they always wander off even when they ... suddenly all thoughts stops and the Doctor can only stare. Jack is holding a very wet Rose in his arms, a very lovely Rose, only clad in a dress that used to be white, now transparent, as if she had fallen under the sea. Sometimes, it's worth it, when they wander off.

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Prompts : Tint +1, Taint+2

Words : 109
Points so far : 11

The picture he held between his fingers was showing signs of decay, tainted by time and soft caress that was always done when he was taking it out of the book. The picture was one of a girl, wearing too much make-up, and with a smile that could have lightened the whole city of London. One thing was sure, it had put lights in his heart. And he had let her go away. Everyday, he was taking the sepia tinted picture out of the book and was looking at her, feeling guilty for not having had the guts to take her home, instead of leaving her with his double.

Re: +4; T; Doctor Who

Oh, what a cool idea, to use both options. I'm keeping that in mind for the future; it seems like an interesting challenge. :)

R (to S) to GC, White Collar, 6

Fandom: White Collar
4. stand-offish, professorial in the worst sense of the word, +2 &
7. striding around like a vivid god, your shoulders in the clouds +2
Word Count: 200
Total Points: 6
A/N: Background established N/P/E. Title from "Some Days". Inspired in large part by this interview with WC's ex-con-artist technical advisor Simon Lovell.

put the people in their places

It’s the first thing you learn: You can’t care about anyone as a con man. Caring makes it impossible to con them.

For years, that was easy. He simply didn’t trust anyone, and from there it was a small step to not caring about them, not caring what effect his actions might have on them. And being aloof let him go unnoticed, made him invisible. Made him good.

It was always when he cared that he slipped up, made mistakes, got caught.

He cares too much, now, he thinks.

One night at the Burkes’, drinking and watching a movie, he tells them so, when Elizabeth asks him what’s wrong.

They both look at him silently for a moment, after that, and he takes a drink instead of looking back, so they can’t see anything real that might be in his eyes (he doesn’t know what he can hide from them anymore).

“Maybe you’re a worse con man,” Peter finally says. “But you’re a better person.”

Neal smiles, genuinely for once, because isn’t that what matters?

He won’t be a con man forever, but maybe one day, whatever it is they see in him, he’ll be able to find in himself.

Re: R (to S) to GC, White Collar, 6


Ha, the line "striding around like a vivid god" does apply to Neal, doesn't it?

I hope I'll land on a Gypsy card instead of being stuck on square C.

GC (to T) to PC Box C, White Collar, 8

Fandom: White Collar
Prompts: Chest +2
Word Count: 100
Total Points: 8
A/N: Part of the Self-Portrait 'verse, set a month or two after "Confidence Man". Title is from the Michael Jackson song of the same name.

Man in the Mirror

It’s satisfying, seeing his chest in the mirror; it finally looks like it always should have.

He smiles, then buttons his shirt, tugs his jacket on. Over that, he puts on an air of confidence. Puts on his new alias, whose background he’s been meticulously constructing for weeks. Puts on that practiced persona and grins into the mirror.

Beneath the jacket and the shirt, his chest finally looks like it always should have. He’d say he finally looks like himself, but it’s hard to tell – today, he’s someone else again, and, this time, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Successfully completed A square, gained two points, move two squares to C square.

Total pts: 2

Prompt: Conquest +3, 73 words
Also answers merlin_flashfic's Conquest challenge.

This is a You've Got Mail pastiche.

"Ealdor Books is not going to be one of Pendragon's many conquests!" Merlin said to Gwen, his best friend and Ealdor Books' sole full-time staff.

"But Merlin, we can't afford to give ten percent discounts to our customers like Pendragon does," Gwen said reasonably.

Merlin bit his thumb. "There has to be a way! Earlier I saw Matthew walk by with a Pendragon bag. He has been my mum's neighbour my entire life!"

Ctd. here.

Successfully completed C square, gained three points, moved three squares to PC square.

Total pts: 5

community +2, allow +3, valuable +1, 54 words

This is a You've Got Mail pastiche.

"You will find another way, Merlin."

Merlin looked up gratefully at Lancelot, Gwen's boyfriend and Ealdor Books' frequent free labour.

"You really think so?"

Lancelot smiled, which made Merlin think things might not be so bad after all. "I know so. You will not allow such a valuable service to the community to disappear."

Re: +3, PC +6, Merlin

Ctd. here.

Successfully completed PC square, gained six points, moved six squares right to I square.

Total pts: 11

Prompt: Invade +2, 84 words
This is a You've Got Mail pastiche.

another think coming v. another thing coming: "thing" is more widely used, but I'm going with OED and Language Log on this one. "Think" is the older expression and makes more sense parallel-wise ("If A thinks ____, s/he has another think coming!")

/end language geekery

"You're right," Merlin said with new resolve. "If the powers-that-be at Pendragon think I'll just lie down and whimper while they invade the neighborhood, they have another think coming!"

The door opened with a soft tinkle at Merlin's pronouncement.

A blond man with movie-star good looks walked in with a young dark-haired boy. The man had a bemused expression on his face and the softest, lickable pink lips I've ever seen, Merlin's overworked libido chimed in.

"Did I come in at a bad time?"

Ctd. here.

+2, picture +2, Merlin

Successfully completed I square, gained two points, moved two squares to picture square.

Total pts: 15

2. perfectly motionless, perfectly behaved, 200 words
This is a You've Got Mail pastiche.

"N-no!" Merlin flushed. "It's just that you're our first customer today, thanks to that shiny giant Pendragon store. Well, there's Lancelot, but Lancelot doesn't count because he's dating my store clerk and brews us coffee--"

"Merlin!" Gwen hissed under her breath, while maintaining a professional smile in front of their customers.

"Umm, lovely weather today we're having today," Merlin said with forced cheer.

The man smiled, eyes crinkling at the corners. Merlin's heart went pitter-pat.

"Yes, yes it is."

Lancelot cleared his throat, and the man broke eye contact. Merlin took a lungful of much-needed air.

"Actually, I was looking for a book for Mordred here."

Merlin took a proper look of the young boy standing next to the man. He had remained perfectly quiet and unmoving ever since they stepped into the store.

"Sure, what does your nephew have in mind?"

The man grinned. "Mordred here is my stepbrother and cousin, once removed. My father married my cousin a few years back. We're a regular modern family!"

Mordred just continued to stare unblinking at Merlin. Then, in a quiet voice, he asked, "Do you have any books about dragons?"

"Do we ever!" Merlin broke into a brilliant smile.


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