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Writing Game

Forget Scrabbles and Anagram. We make writing fun!

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Week 82 Game
roll the dice
writinggame wrote in writing_game
Choices board and prompts by lilian_cho. Picture square prompts from Adele's Rolling in the Deep.
(Because this journal style's background is not white, the board looks ugly on LJ. Will tinker with it later.)

This game is also posted on Dreamwidth. You may play on either site.

Post Secrets is not playable.

Credit for icons can be found here.

The goal of Writing Game is not to make multiple rounds around the board, but to accumulate as many points as possible.

You may switch fandoms/worlds whenever you first pass 20 points, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, then free for all.
e.g. Total points: 19. Complete a +3 prompt.
This brings you to 22 points. At this point you may switch fandoms/worlds.

Stick to the colored path you're on, going left-to-right or right-to-left.

You may not change paths midway, except if you are at a Player’s Choice Square.
You may not change directions midway, except if:
1) You are going backwards because you skip a prompt.
2) You are at a Player’s Choice Square.

When you reach the other side, reverse direction onto a different colored path.
e.g. You started the game left to right from Z square and reached T square (green). You may start a new path right to left from F (blue), G (orange) or U (red).

You have to answer the door challenge each time it's in your path.
e.g. Prompt: Viable +3
You answered V square and earned three points. Even though Door 2 is only two moves ahead you still need to answer the door challenge.
After fulfilling the challenge, award yourself four points and go forward onto a different colored path (F - blue, T - green, or U - red). Start on the first letter square instead of the fourth letter square.

All the general rules can be found in the profile.


HomeRoll the dice. 1 - start at A (red), 2 - G (orange), 3 - M (blue), 4 - T (green), 5 - A (red) or Z (green), 6 - G (orange) or M (blue).
APrompt: Ancient +2, Character: Aggressive +3
BPrompt: Blind +1, Biotech +2
CWrite Chapter titles/summaries +3. It can be chapters to a hypothetical fic, or a fic that you have previously written. You may also rewrite old chapter titles.
DPrompt: Despise +2
Mashup: Lift out phrases/sentences from two or more of your previous drabbles/snippets, rewriting them into a new drabble.

Give yourself the same points as one of the drabbles you're mashing up.
ECharacter: Enemy +2
FPrompt: Foreign +1, Faithless +2
Door #1Click on the door to see the current challenge. After fulfilling the challenge, go forward onto a different colored path (G - orange, T - green, or U - red).
If you leave the door unopened, you have to go backward on the blue path.
GPrompt: Gather +1
HPrompt: Hand +1, Heal +2
IPrompt: Instant +2, Infinite +3
JPrompt: Jog +2
KCharacter: King +3
LPrompt: Letter, Letters +1
Door #3Click on the door to see the current challenge. After fulfilling the challenge, go forward onto a different colored path (A - red, M - blue, or Z - green).
If you leave the door unopened, you have to go backward on the orange path.
MPrompt: Mud +1, Medicine +3
NPrompt: Nine o'clock +2
OPrompt: Oil +3
PCharacter: Powerful +2
QPrompt: Quaint +1
RPrompt: Routine +2, Ritual +3
Remix: Rewrite your last drabble/snippet using a different POV, style, tone, genre, etc. You may also write an alternate ending, expand one sentence into a drabble, turn plot into character study or vice versa.
Give yourself the same points as the drabble you're remixing.

If this is not your first time at the Remix square, you may remix any of your previous drabbles written for this game.
SPrompt: Skydive +2
TPrompt: Tribe +3
UPrompt: Understand +2
Door #2Click on the door to see the current challenge. After fulfilling the challenge, go forward onto a different colored path (F - blue, T - green, or U - red).
If you leave the door unopened, you have to go backward on the red path.
VCharacter: Valiant +3
WPrompt: Warn +2, Character: Wise +3
XPrompt: eXpectation +2
YPrompt: "Yours Faithfully"/"Yours Truly" +2
ZPrompt: Zero chances +3

PC square: You may use up to three prompts, as long as they’re in the same row.

Player's choice Box A North/Up
Noun Verb Adjective/Adverb
Aftercare +2 Think +1 Buttery +2
Cake +2 Cool +3 Painful +1
Saddle+2 Stir +3 Stormy +1

Player's choice Box B East/Right
Noun Verb Adjective/Adverb
Weather +2 Snort +2 Rowdy +2
Reflection +2 Hover +1 Yellow +3
Cave +3 Ration +2 Crisp +1

Player's choice Box C South/Down
Noun Verb Adjective/Adverb
Pie +2 Allow +1 Loud +3
Hole +2 Mimic +2 Fixed +2
Bar +2 Wolf down +3 Locked +1

Player's choice Box D West/Left
Noun Verb Adjective/Adverb
Avocado +2 Jar +2 Left behind +1
Formal wear +1 Flatten +2 Free +3
Cord +3 Tumble +2 Ghastly +1

Picture square: You may use up to two prompts, as long as they’re touching each other (either top to bottom or side to side).

Picture square +2 each from Adele's Rolling in the Deep
1. a fire starting in my heart 2. I'll lay your ship bare 3. leave with every piece of you
4. The scars of your love 5. leave me breathless 6. wish you never had met me
7. have no story to be told 8. make your head burn 9. mine sure won't be shared
10. my heart inside of your hand 11. Throw your soul through every open door 12. sorrow into treasured gold

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There's an easy solution to this.

I can screencap the boardgame from DW, crop it, upload it as one image file (instead of the doors being separate image files).

...but this laptop's Photoshop just expired.


Was kinda annoyed that my notepad files of possible Doors challenges went kaput with the previous laptop. Just built up new lists yesterday.
(I usually don't bother backing up notepad files. Lesson learned.)

ETA: Forgot that I can preview comments here. *pets this layout*

Edited at 2012-05-14 07:29 pm (UTC)

Re: There's an easy solution to this.

Finally fixed. I forgot that I actually have the board as a whole (instead of separate components) uploaded already. Bleh. Ah well.

ETA: *procrastinates some more on the Internets*

Edited at 2012-06-03 04:22 am (UTC)

prompt: aggressive +3
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning
word count: 154


You can't help feeling like you've never really known her, not really, like there's some part of herself that she keeps hidden, and not just from you, but from everyone.

You're too young, you'd told her, back then, we can when you're older and she'd merely regarded you, not saying anything, her eyes wise and knowing and you couldn't help feeling like you were the one who was too young, too unprepared for what she was offering, the things she had to give.

I'm eighteen now, she tells you, and you nod, sitting back, passive, letting her be the aggressor, the instigator. Then it's not your fault, right? Nothing that happens is your fault.

She kisses you, bites your lip, smiling like she knows a secret, and you find yourself thinking that you're not ready for this, that maybe you won't ever be.

But you don't tell her to stop.

You don't say no.

prompt: jog +2
points: 3 + 2 = 5
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Taylor Swift
word count: 135


"I know you don't like me," Taylor says. She says it a lot, actually, when she's with Kristen, like she keeps needing remind to her, jog her memory.

As if she'd ever forget.

Kristen shrugs. "Don't take it personally," she says. "I don't like anyone much."

"I've noticed," Taylor says, not bothering to keep the distaste out of her voice, because this girl's so negative, so ungrateful, so surly. It's incredibly unattractive, Taylor thinks, except when it's not.

And Kristen smiles. "I guess you don't have a problem then," she says, smug, "with fucking people who don't like you."

"No," Taylor says, trying for airy but only sounding defensive. Damn. "I guess I don't."

"Good," says Kristen, stepping nearer, her hand firm on the back of Taylor's neck, pulling her close. "That's good to know."

prompt: leave me breathless
points: 5 + 2 = 7
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Jennifer Lawrence
word count: 200


Kristen's smiling, nodding, attempting to look interested but probably failing miserably. Events just aren't her thing, no matter how hard she tries, so when yet another person sidles up beside her and says, "Hi," she puts on her game face and turns towards them.

"Hi," she says in reply, and her mind registers tall and blonde and hot and boobs and oh. It's that girl, the one from the other movie. Jennifer? Kristen thinks, and yeah, Jennifer. People are watching them, so Kristen says, politely, "It's nice to finally meet you."

"Yeah," Jennifer says. "Me too." She's pretty clearly giving Kristen the once-over, looking her up and down, and maybe she's just sizing up the competition, but there's something else in her gaze, something a little too interested, enough so to stir Kristen's curiosity, but then, this is Hollywood, and she's learned not to assume.

"So," Jennifer says, finally meeting Kristen's eyes. She's wearing heels, so Kristen has to look up at her, and it's not as if she's fat or anything, but she's not exactly actress-skinny either. She looks... strong, Kristen thinks, like she could hold you down while she fucked you, like she could do that real easy.

Kristen takes a moment to reflect on the idea.

prompt: routine
points: 7 + 2 = 9
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Jennifer Lawrence
word count: 182


"So," Jennifer says, again, "I hear we like, hate each other."

"Yeah," says Kristen, "I heard that."

"I don't hate you," says Jennifer, leaning closer, just for a second.

"You don't even know me."

"I don't." Jennifer glances round the room. "Still," she says, all casual-like, light enough to be maybe joking, and Kristen narrows her eyes, wondering. "You know," Jennifer continues, "if we hated each other we could have had awesome hate-sex."

"We could have," Kristen says, lifting her chin, opening her mouth a little, just to make sure her meaning is clear.

And Jennifer nods, the corner of her lips quirked up, enough to show that she understands. "I usually like to go get a burger after these things," she says, tilting her head to one side. "Care to join me?"

"Sure," Kristen says.

"Cool." Jennifer gestures, holding out her arm. "After you," she says, and as Kristen steps forward, Jennifer follows, resting her hand on the small of Kristen's back, just above her ass, just the way a guy would.

And yeah, Kristen smiles. This is going to be good.

prompt: wise
points: 9 + 3 = 12
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Charlize Theron
word count: 170


"It's like you're so..." Kristen struggles for the word. "Together. Or," she considers, "you know, wise. Like you know stuff." Which she guesses is a weird thing to say to someone when they're unbuttoning your jeans, but she sometimes finds sex goes well with the deeper philosophical questions. It like, opens your mind. Or something.

"Well," says Charlize, sliding her hand inside Kristen's pants, frowning in concentration, "I'm older than you." She smiles, hearing Kristen's gasp as she touches her, finding the place right there. "Much older."

Kristen closes her eyes. "You're not that old. You're not old-old."

"No," Charlize says. "Not old-old. Old enough."

"It's cool," Kristen says. "I mean, I like it." There's one finger inside her, and then two, moving achingly slowly, and she moves her hips, trying for harder and more.

"You think too much," says Charlize. "You need to stop thinking." She laughs, softly. "How about I see if I can make you stop thinking?"

"Yeah," says Kristen, laying back. "Yeah, that would be good."

prompt: Your character eavesdrops and hears something positive.
points: 12 + 4 = 16
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning
word count: 200


Kristen hates junkets, but then everyone, even people don't dislike interviews as much as she does, hates junkets. Sit at a table, try not to look bored and answer the same fucking questions over and over and over again till killing yourself starts to seem like an attractive option.

She zones out, rambling about choices and decisions and some other thing that she can barely even remember, and lets her mind wander. Dakota's at the next table and Kristen concentrates, singling out her voice (she speaks so softly, so solemnly, even when being asked the most inane questions in the history of the world), trying not to smile when she hears her name, Kristen.

It goes along with talented and gifted and, most importantly, friend and maybe it's nothing Kristen didn't already know, but to hear it said like that, to other people, well. It makes her happy, makes her feel kind of warm inside, and Kristen's not generally the type of person to feel things like happy and warm inside, but then Dakota's the exception to so many rules that Kristen's beginning to lose count.

"Sorry?" she says, smiling politely at the journalist who just asked her something ridiculous.

She can do this.

Edited at 2012-06-06 05:32 am (UTC)

prompt: foreign
points: 16 + 1 = 17
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Emilie de Ravin
word count: 200


"I don't want it to be awkward."

"Why would it be awkward?"

"Well, you know." Emilie laughs self-consciously. "I'm making out with your boyfriend."

Kristen shrugs. "It's only a movie. It's only movie kissing." Which, as everyone knows, is totally different to real kissing.

"It's just," Emilie clarifies, "in the past, this one person hated me because I had a love scene with their husband."

"What a loser," Kristen says, taking a drag on her cigarette and Emilie smiles.

"Okay," she says, like it's all settled.

"I like your accent."


"My mom is Australian."

"I remind you of your mum?"

"No," says Kristen, "you don't remind me of my mom." She looks at Emilie. "Not at all."

"That's good," Emilie says, and she leans closer, fingers toying with the strap on Kristen's tank top.

"It is," says Kristen. "Because I was thinking..." She pauses, stubbing out her cigarette in the ashtray next to her. "If Rob gets to make out with you, then..."

"Oh yeah," Emilie replies, a little too quick. "I mean, it's only fair."

Kristen nods. "That's right," she says.

Emilie's hand slides along her jaw, into her hair, and when they kiss, it's nothing like the movies.

prompt: enemy
points: 17 + 2 = 19
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Nikki Reed
word count: 172


"I have a boyfriend," she'd told Nikki. And Nikki knew that, of course, but at the time she remembers being curious as to why someone would wait until you hand your hand inside their pants to bring it up.

But what she said was, "Do you want me to stop?"

And Kristen had shaken her head, no, and Nikki had nodded, understanding, taking off Kristen's jeans, and then she was down on her knees, head between Kristen's spread thighs.

Nikki recalls Kristen being tentative, at first, and she'd taken things slow, but Kristen's hands were soon in her hair, pulling her in, hard, her hips tilting forward, demanding more.

And Nikki realized that, despite the studied, too-cool-too-care persona, this was a girl who was learning how to get what she wanted, this was a girl with ambition and drive.

Actions always did speak louder than words.

"I feel like I don't even know you," Nikki said to her one day, and Kristen's face was closed-off, hard.

"Yeah," she said. "You really don't."

mashup +3; RPF - NC-17

Ha, this the first time I've ever gotten enough points to change fandoms!

prompt: Mashup
points: 19 + 3 = 22
pairing: Kristen Stewart/Taylor Swift NC-17
word count: 185


"Do you want me to stop?" Kristen asks, and Taylor doesn't reply, her eyes closed, mouth open, the pink tip of her tongue wetly visible through her parted lips.

And Kristen smiles, because actions speak louder than words, and watching little miss prim-and-proper- butter-wouldn't-melt come undone under her, under Kristen's touch, is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

One finger inside her, and then two, moving achingly, frustratingly slowly, and Taylor moves her hips, trying for harder and more, and she's greedy, this one, Kristen can tell, she wants it bad.

"Damn, Taylor," she says, "you're kind of a whore, aren't you?" The word is so deliciously dirty in her mouth, and the groan it elicits is just fucking perfect. "Kind of a slut, I think, with how bad you want it." Kristen laughs. "Say please," she says, stilling her hand. "Say please, or I'll make you wait."

"Please," Taylor whispers, her voice small and ashamed, and Kristen slides in another finger, rougher, her thumb rubbing firm against Taylor's clit, and she's crying out, her face screwed up and Kristen can't look away, not even for a second.

Re: mashup +3; RPF - NC-17

*g* Congrats on accumulating more points. Doesn't it just fill you with glee?

I'm usually too tunnel-visioned single-minded to write for more than one fandom at a time, but I imagine the fandom switch feature is useful for multi-fandomers.

Re: mashup +3; RPF - NC-17

Hee, it's kind of REALLY addictive once you get going!

I am a total fannish butterfly so being able to switch fandoms is a big motivator for me. :-)

picture square +2; Numb3rs

prompt: a fire starting in my heart
points: 22 + 2 = 24
pairing: Amita/Liz
word count: 200


Maybe that's who she is, the girl who walked away, the girl who'll go down in history as the one who dumped Charlie Eppes, genius. It's not as if she doesn't know there's a whole queue of math groupies just waiting for her to slip up, make a mistake, just dying to take her place.

Charlie wouldn't want for company, she knows that, but she also knows that she's the one he chose, the one he wants, the one he'll go to pieces without, to the bad P vs NP place, and how can she do that to him?

She loves him, she does, it's just that she can't stop thinking, can't stop dreaming, her mind's eye filled with smooth skin and long, cleanly-muscled limbs. A dancer's body, sensuous and self-aware, all controlled movement and coiled power, waiting. And Amita can hear it, that voice, slow and sexy, saying dirty things, all the filthy words she won't let herself even imagine.

You know you want it, the voice says, tell me how much you want it, and Amita won't be able to even speak, won't be capable of replying.

"Amita?" Liz says. "The data?"

"Oh," Amita says. "Yeah. It's right here."

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