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Week 83 Game

This week's board is made by somigliana, the prompts are from benebu, and the dice is made by rea_saint.

This board is also posted on Dreamwidth. You may play on either site.

The goal of Writing Game is not to make multiple rounds around the board, but to accumulate as many points as possible.

You may switch fandoms/worlds whenever you first pass 20 points, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, then free for all.
e.g. Total points: 19. Complete a +3 prompt.
This brings you to 22 points. At this point you may switch fandoms/worlds.

All the general rules can be found in the user profile. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Home Roll the dice. Post the result in the comments.
Diamond Choose from the An Insular Possession table below
PC Choose from the Player's Choice tables below
A Prompt: Art +2
B Prompt: Bond +2
G-J Write any prompt from G to J
C Action: Challenge +2
D Prompt: Dab +2
E Character: Emboldened +3
F Prompt: Fence +2
X-B Write any prompt from X to B
G Action: Gyrate +3
T-W Write any prompt from T to W
H Action: Heat +1
I Prompt: Intrinsic +2
J Prompt: Jigsaw Puzzle +3
K Character: Killjoy +2
L Prompt: Limit +1
M Action: Match +2
N Prompt: Name +1
O Prompt: Oceanic +3
P Prompt: Pole +1
Q Prompt: Qualm +2
R Prompt: Reverence +3
A-Z Write any prompt from A to Z
S Prompt: Shock +1, Foreshock +3
C-F Write any prompt from C to F
T Action: Tackle +2
K-N Write any prompt from K to N
U Character: Unapologetic +2
V Action: Vex +3
W Action: Wield +2
X Prompt: aXiomatic +3
Y Prompt: You-Know-Where +2
Z Write a drabble featuring a character acting on impulse +4

For the Player's Choice squares, you can only take more than one prompt if the ones you choose are in the same row.

New Player's Choice rule: You have to follow the prompt categories (Prompt, Character or Action). If you use a prompt outside its category, you will lose 1 point.

Player's choice Box A Go on the ladder
Prompt Character Action
Elopement +3 Lithe +1 Galvanize +2
Double-breasted +3 Many-Sided +2 Misuse +1
Dewey decimal classification +3 Flustered +2 Gape +1
Deceptive +1 Madcap +3 Romance +2

Player's choice Box B Ignore the ladder
Prompt Character Action
Trainwreck +2 Femme Fatale +3 Covet +1
Diamond +2 Quick-tempered +2 Follow +2
Fault +2 Flippant +2 Cure +2
Flight +1 Unyielding +3 Put up with +2

Use a maximum of two quotes for prompt(s), only if they are touching (ie, next to each other, or above/below each other).

Timothy Mo's An Insular Possession table +2 Each
no longer possible to tell whether it is love or contempt which unites uncertainty is a kind of freedom There is a Cape Horn of the mind, too
Well, matters, I allow, may only look up, we are so low, and that's a fact He died of a broken heart. Of what else? I should always betray a principle for a friend
every man a brother and none a friend The seven years between nineteen and twenty-six are, it may be seen, long ones a sense of physical emptiness; fortunate and strange
How we may wonder at our earlier self now becomes then the price for turning a blind eye is now subject to review and increase
the distinction between meum et tuum a damn carefree, disloyal sort of a dog tea as drunk in London

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