Aziraphale also worshiped books

DW mirroring & next Doors challenge update

It's a bit late for the current board, but starting from the next board I will mirror our games at [community profile] writing_game in a members-locked post. In case of an LJ blackout/mega-slowness/loading error, I'd unlock that post and members can continue playing over at DW instead.

You don't need a DW account; you can use Open ID to post your comments/moves.

If you do want a DW account, copperbadge is hosting Codefest IV: Blood of Dreamwidth.

The fourth (and last) set of Doors challenge will be up on July 30-31st (if LJ is being cooperative).

Have a good weekend and don't maim anyone!

-- lilian_cho
Aziraphale also worshiped books

Doors challenge update & clarification

We're currently on the second set of Doors challenge.

I'll try to give a heads up several hours before I update the Doors challenge, so please answer the current challenge instead of a past challenge. From here on out, if you answer a past challenge you'll get zero points for that move.

And, in case it wasn't clear: Door challenges should be played as its own move instead of combined with a different square prompt.

Have a productive, non-sucky Monday!

-- lilian_cho